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Annabel Newton and Henrietta Wynne Finch attended the AB Cheesemaking Soft Cheese Course held in May 2003. They made Reasnier, a camembert style cheese, which won the Novice Cheesemakers class at Nantwich International Cheese Show on 30th July 2003 Cheesemaking is a combination of art and science, and an appreciation of one can help the other. The application of science can help an erratic cheese become a repeatable one. An appreciation of the art ensures the love and care that all good cheesemakers need to produce quality cheese. It is necessary to work with the ingredients, encouraging their good points, and discouraging the bad, so it is important to know which is which, and what you can and cannot do to make a cheese successfully. This applies whether you are making cheese from milk bought in pint bottles, from your own animals, or in vats of 20,000 litres.

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